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Even real estate transactions that appear simple can become complicated. Legal issues can arise that could delay the final outcome of the transaction. Sometimes disputes arise even before construction is completed. And in an unstable economy, foreclosures are on the rise. We help our clients negotiate their real estate contracts effectively to avoid these legal problems and protect their property rights.

Are you anticipating the purchase or sale of a residence, commercial building or business that owns real estate? Are you involved in real estate litigation such as a foreclosure proceeding, construction or title dispute?

We represent individuals and business owners in all types of real estate transactions, including:

Commercial Foreclosures

Our business clients want to ensure that their lease agreements contain the most favorable terms possible. Our construction clients want to ensure that their real estate construction contracts protect their interests, and that they obtain favorable terms for construction loans. We review lease and construction agreements to ensure that the terms are favorable to our clients.

The economic downturn has created an increase in foreclosures in the commercial real estate market. Our business clients turn to us for help when they’re facing a foreclosure, and often, we can help them restructure their loan so that they don’t have to lose their property.

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