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Business Mediation Services

Are you involved in a business or shareholder dispute? Are you the victim of unfair competition or other interference with your business? Through our value-added approach, our clients reap the benefits of the Big City Firm talent and experience our attorneys have acquired handling sophisticated business and loan transactions for major clients, while receiving services at a more cost-efficient, highly competitive fee structure.

Our clients know that litigation can be costly and can ruin business relationships. We are committed to helping clients avoid the problems commonly encountered by businesses, but sometimes litigation is inevitable.

We understand that nobody likes litigation, but as a defendant in a lawsuit, you may not have a choice. And sometimes filing suit is necessary to preserve your rights or to create the necessary leverage to obtain the best results. Litigation can be an effective tool for bringing the parties to the negotiation table to discuss options or to resolve a matter more quickly and effectively.

Helping  Financial Institutions, Asset-Based Lenders, and Leasing Companies

We have represented companies in the equipment leasing and finance industry which is comprised of finance companies, asset based lenders, banking institutions, factors and private lenders of all different sizes. Our services range from representing creditors’, landlords, Chapter 7 Trustees and creditors’ committees in the bankruptcy forum, the defense of preference litigation, the recovery and liquidation of assets and handling all aspects of litigation relating to loan and lease agreements. Recently, we successfully handled the sale of the assets of a major international bicycle designer and manufacturer, obtaining several millions of dollars more for the assets than the company could have obtained on its own. The funds that were raised were sufficient enough to pay the secured lender in full.

Our combined bankruptcy and litigation experience allows us to maximizing our clients’ recovery in defaulting loan and/or lease transactions. Our forensic experience from representing Chapter 7 Trustees distinguishes us from most other firms. The recalcitrant debtor has nowhere to hide.

We are actively involved in several business organizations and associations including the Commercial Finance Association, Turnaround Management Association and Institute of Management Accountants. Many of our clients come to us with no personal knowledge or experience with litigation. We educate our clients about the litigation process and what they can expect, how and when litigation can work in their favor, and what the costs and benefits are. Some of our clients want help repairing a damaged business relationship or discovering solutions which will to allow them to part company in a way that works for both sides.

We represent and advise companies and individuals involved in a lawsuit or appeal arising out of all types of business disputes, including partnership or shareholder disputes, a contract disagreements and unfair competition claims. We have decades of litigation and courtroom experience to assist you through the often uncertain landscape of a commercial dispute.

Our goal is to help you make decisions consistent with your goals, optimize your results and minimize the interruption to your business. We work with you to identify your priorities, assess your options and provide strategies customized to meet your individual needs. We help our clients develop creative solutions to their business problems.

Whether you’re the party being sued or the party who has been unable to obtain satisfaction out of court and needs to initiate a suit to get results, we work with you to find the best possible outcome for you, whether that means negotiating a settlement or trying the case to conclusion.

In any litigation, it is imperative to be able to find, preserve and present evidence effectively. In today’s world, much of that evidence is contained in electronic form. We can navigate through that electronic information and evidence to yield results for our clients.

Business Mediation

Are you or your clients involved in a disagreement that you’d like to resolve out of court? Are you looking for a neutral party with mediation experience in many different practice areas?

Gertler Law Group attorneys serve as a mediator/neutrals to facilitate settlement of business disputes. As mediators, our goal is to help parties successfully negotiate and expedite a resolution to their dispute, saving the parties the time and expense of litigation.

Drawing on our experience as bankruptcy trustees, commercial attorneys and litigators, we provide a forum for professional dispute resolution conducive to meaningful exchange between the parties, enabling them to successfully negotiate their impasse. We’ve mediated all kinds of commercial disputes, including disputes related to bankruptcy or insolvency, landlord-tenant disputes, and lease disputes between brokers and landlords.

A mediator needs to be fair-minded, impartial and capable of listening to both sides of a dispute without being judgmental. Our goal is to assist the parties in reach a settlement that will be accepted by both sides. Our ability to moderate disputes has been recognized by the courts; Richard Gertler serve on the mediation panel of the Commercial Division of the Nassau County Supreme Court. In this capacity, we have presided over thousands of bankruptcy cases involving a wide array of businesses.

Other attorneys bring their clients to us to mediate their disputes because those lawyers recognize our ability to construct innovative solutions. As trusted neutrals, we can observe both sides, identify their most important objectives, and facilitate a resolution that allows both parties to leave satisfied.

Not all mediators are trained to mediate. Our attorneys are trained mediators who are committed to keeping their mediation skills current. We have been trained by the courts and have participated in numerous continuing legal education courses to ensure that we provide our clients with experienced, trained mediators who have the skills to bring your dispute to resolution.

If you are involved in a dispute that could benefit from the mediation process, or if you represent a client in a case that is ripe for mediation, contact us at 516-228-3553.

Litigation Alternatives

Litigation is just one strategy in our toolbox that can be employed to foster a more expeditious settlement or reach an advantageous resolution so our clients can get back to business. We are experienced negotiators and can employ alternatives to litigation, including arbitration or mediation.

If you’re involved in a commercial dispute, please contact us at 516-228-3553 to see how we can help.