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Our Approach


Gertler Law Group takes a personal interest in our clients’ success and are committed to educating our clients and providing them with the tools and information to work with us to make informed decisions that will benefit them and their business.

Our clients actively participate in their matters. Together, we define their objectives and priority goals and then design plans that will assist them in shaping the outcome and reaching those objectives. We anticipate each contingency that might arise and plan a response for each one. Rather than automatically taking an adversarial position, our distinctive approach creates opportunities to align others to work for our clients’ interests to help resolve a problem.

Our clients view us as their ‘house counsel’ and depend on us to strategize with them and to create innovative solutions that get results. We encourage our clients to contact us regularly to avoid unnecessary risk and to take advantage of our preventative planning advice and to call upon us to assist them with the issues that affect their business ‐ whether those issues are law‐related or not.


By providing ongoing advice and counsel to our clients, we can help them avoid problems before they arise. The team at Gertler Law Group are intimately familiar with our clients’ businesses and available to our clients on a continuing basis to guide them in their day to day business endeavors.

We use creative problem‐solving techniques and a flexible approach to our clients’ legal issues. Often, we can see opportunities that our clients hadn’t considered. We help our clients reach their goals by seeking innovative solutions to resolve their matter effectively.

The tools we employ to bring a quick and practical resolution may include mediation or litigation, but we don’t litigate merely for the sake of litigation. Rather, our litigation experience and willingness to try cases when necessary creates leverage that helps us to negotiate for our clients and reach their desired result. Our mediation skills help us to shape solutions that are a true win‐win for all parties involved.


Our long‐term relationships with clients allow us to keep abreast of their evolving goals and adjust our plan of action accordingly. Our “Corporate Tune‐Up” program helps clients take proactive steps to protect their business, minimizing risk and personal liability. We periodically review and update contracts and other business documents and ensure that clients have key agreements in place to protect them, including partnership and employee agreements, non‐compete agreements, and others.

The best compliment we receive from our clients is, “I never would have thought of that” ‐ particularly when a creative solution allows both parties to leave with their most important goals and objectives intact.


It is our goal to make you as comfortable and as informed as possible about your matter. You will be advised of the names of the attorneys and other Gertler Law Group staff who have been assigned to oversee your case, and they will stay in regular contact with you about the status of your matter. However, if you have questions or concerns at any time, you should feel free to contact our office. An informed and educated client is our biggest asset in reaching your desired outcome.