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The Firm

Gertler Law Group was founded on the principle that while good attorneys are civil servants, great attorneys are problem solvers. Richard Gertler has always had positive results combining critical-thinking with business acumen and litigation experience.

The firm utilizes that same approach to critical thinking while still providing powerful results for clients within the business, financial and legal fields.

Our Mission

At Gertler Law Group, our goal is: solutions and results without interruption. We look beyond the short term interests or the nature of the dispute at issue to find an effective resolution that will work for the overall good.

Your interests are our interests. That’s why we provide our clients with the tools and information to work with and make informed decisions that will benefit the client’s business.

The best compliment we can receive from our clients is: “I never would have thought of that”. The team at Gertler Law Group are creative, passionate people who love to think “outside the box”, especially when both parties reach their most important goals and objectives.

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