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Initial Consultation

The first step in working with Gertler Law Group is to contact our office to schedule an initial consultation. One (or more) of our attorneys will personally meet with you to ascertain your legal needs and concerns and to determine whether we are able to undertake your representation.

Why Gertler Law Group?

A consultation with Gertler Law Group isn’t a sales pitch about our firm or our services. It is an opportunity to get to know you, your business, your legal issue(s) and your goals. During the initial consultation, we will provide you with valuable information about the legal system, your legal issue(s) and the potential benefits and pitfalls of proceeding.

The confidential information you provide will be used to evaluate your case and make a determination about whether and how to proceed. We may even supply you with a preliminary strategy or alternatives.

Whether you choose to retain Gertler Law Group to represent you or not, this information will help you to determine what course of action to take, and you will leave our offices better informed about your matter.

Legal Fees and Expenses

At Gertler Law Group our legal fees are based primarily on time spent on particular tasks. Our policy is to require that our clients provide us with an advance general retainer. This retainer will allow us to get to work on your matter immediately upon retention of our firm. The retainer is placed into our general operating account and will be applied to the hourly fees, costs and expenses incurred and billed in connection with your matter. If our final fees are less than the balance of your retainer after deducting outstanding costs, if any, the balance shall be returned to you at the conclusion of the matter. Invoices are mailed monthly.

We share our clients’ concerns about their bottom line. While a partner oversees all matters, to maximize effectiveness while minimizing costs to our clients, we employ associates and professional paralegals who are assigned to individual client files and who can provide legal services at a reduced cost.

Our rates for partners, associates and paralegals vary based upon education and experience level. Rates, fees and other billing details will be specifically communicated to clients at the initial consultation.

In addition to legal fees, clients will be responsible for costs and expenses incurred during the representation, including, but not limited to filing fees, fees for experts or other consultants, and court reporting fees. A more comprehensive list of fees and expenses will be provided once the firm has been retained.