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The Automatic Stay for Criminal Defendants

Criminal defendants are often faced with a multitude of legal problems, besides the obvious ones, there can be civil litigation and creditor claims. While the discharge of most debts is the primary bankruptcy benefit, arguably the most useful protection under the Bankruptcy Code is the automatic stay. This broad power is essentially an injunction that […]

How to Dissolve a Company

Businesses close down for many reasons, including financial difficulties, the retirement of an owner, and disagreements among partners. If you are considering dissolving your business, you should understand the steps involved and the process for liquidating assets. Steps for Closing a Business The organizational documents for your company, depending on the business structure, may play […]

What is a Mechanics’ Lien

For subcontractors and suppliers, mechanic’s liens serve as a way to ensure payment when a general contractor fails to meet its financial obligations. Liens represent a legal claim against a property where a subcontractor, builder, construction company, landscaper or supplier has completed work. For example, if a craftsman builds custom cabinets for a kitchen remodeling […]

How To Form a Business Corporation

A business corporation may be formed in the State of New York by filing a Certificate of Incorporation pursuant to Section 402 of the Business Corporation Law (“B.C.L.”). Forming a Corporation Some of the steps you need to follow to form a business corporation in the State of New York include: Selecting a Corporate Name […]