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Three Options When Facing Wage Garnishment

When you experience wage garnishment, it is likely you face considerable hardship. Individuals who cannot keep debt current likely do not have much left over for food, shelter, and basic needs of living. Income being reduced further through garnishment exacerbates this situation, especially considering the high cost of living in Long Island, NY. Wage Garnishment Options […]

Can You Face Arrest For Not Paying a Debt?

Even with debtor’s prisons gone for nearly two centuries, debtors still have a fear of being arrested for the money owed to private creditors. While generally this is not authorized, creditors found ways to use law enforcement to collect on civil judgments. This created a climate of fear surrounding unscrupulous debt practices and many clients […]

What To Do If You’re Being Sued By A Debt Collector

Being served with a debt collection lawsuit is an unsettling experience. This is a possibility when you no longer keep communication with a debt collector or have a series of past-due payments. Even though this may appear to be the end of the line with your financial struggles, you still have options at this stage. […]

The Automatic Stay for Criminal Defendants

Criminal defendants are often faced with a multitude of legal problems, besides the obvious ones, there can be civil litigation and creditor claims. While the discharge of most debts is the primary bankruptcy benefit, arguably the most useful protection under the Bankruptcy Code is the automatic stay. This broad power is essentially an injunction that […]